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City of queens, queens of cities - Veszprém

 Veszprém is called  the ‘city of queens’, but could be called the „queen of cities” as well.

 In this charming baroque Hungarian city ancient cobblestones echo the footsteps of similary ancient royal  figures, history and legends surround the visitors on every corners. Veszprém is told  was built on seven hills, just like Rome, and the city was a favourite for the country’s first King István (Stephen) I. as well as his wife Gizella. They had established the bishopric, supported the building of St Michael’s Cathedral and the Veszprém Valley Nunnery, where the robe used for crowning ceremonies is said to have been woven. Gizella donated the embroidered robe to the church of the city which had made it the “city of queens”. Veszprém still guards the atmosphere of the once-upon-a-time were heydays,  and matching to its „nickname”, as glamorous, enchanting and beatiful like a queen.


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